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Prefina of Strawberry Cake: It’s done fast, and the preparation is light …

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Prefabricated cake strawberry: It’s done fast, and the preparation is light …

Strawberries are growing in markets, so use it and make a fine strawberry cake that is finished in less than an hour. The procedure is not complicated, and in the end it is placed in the refrigerator



4 eggs
120 g of sugar
120 g of flour
60 g of starch flour
a spoon of powder for pastries


500 g cream cheese
2 yolk
150 g of sugar
vanilla sugar
6 sheets of white gelatin
2 dl sweet cream
500 g of strawberries
powdered sugar


Step 1: Mix the yolks with two tablespoons of hot water and half the amount of sugar until you get a sparkling mixture. Stir the hard snow from the egg whites and the remaining sugar, and mix it with a mixture of yolks. Stir in sifted flour, starch and baking powder. Fill the butter with the butter, pour the mixture and bake at 200 ° C for 25 minutes.

Step 2: Let it cool down and cut it into two biscuits. Boil the yolks and sugar and steam the gelatin. Add chopped sweet cream in a cool cream.

Step 3: Mix sugar, cheese and lemon juice and combine them with a mixture of yolk and sweet cream. Place a piece of biscuit on the bottom of the mold, place it with a little cream, place it evenly in the circle and slice half of the strawberries, and place the remaining fillings on them. Cover the cake with another curry and place it in the refrigerator until it squeezes. Before serving, remove the rings and sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar.

Strawberries for a perfect look

You can also use yoghurt for beauty, which does not mean that like the famous Madame Tallien of Napoleon’s social circle, you should bathe in a juice made from a dozen kilograms of strawberries.

Because it cleans and nourishes the skin and keeps it smooth and tense, thanks to the vitamins C and A, it will be enough to put on the face of a strawberry cut into rows, or make a mushy mask, once and twice a week, which you will then wash with the first lukewarm then cold water.

If you rub your teeth, you will remove dental plaques and make your teeth white.

The female population will surely be happy with the fact that strawberries can help fight cellulite.

Namely, vitamins C and A are antioxidants, and they slow down aging and loss of tissue elasticity, and destroy free radicals, so regular strawberry consumption will speed up circulation and help fight this scary enemy of many women.

if you, however, leave a battle with excess pounds, you will be glad that strawberries accelerate metabolism and reduce appetite, and are low-calorie.

Clearly, provided you do not eat them with plenty of sugar or sprinkled with whipped cream.

Whether you want to lose weight, while enjoying an extravagant gastronomic pleasure, sprinkle with a little black or green pepper. Try, you’ll be surprised!

And finally, in many nations around the world, the belief is that strawberries possess aphrodisiac properties, and promotes love power.

Strawberries and champagne became synonymous with romantic evenings for two. If we take into account her heart-shaped and bright-red color, we should not be surprised that she is dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of Love.

According to a wooden legend, share a double, steamed strawberry in half, and one half you eat, and the other person you like, you will fall in love each other.

If that does not happen, you will certainly not grieve because, according to the beliefs of ancient Romans, strawberries eliminate melancholy.

In what we really do not have reason to doubt, because at last, even a glance at it is enough for our smile to come back to our face.


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