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Cake with ginseng and caramel

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For lovers of hazelnuts and caramel candy!

Biskvit (4 baking baking):
4 x 2 pieces of whites
4 x 2 spoons of sugar
4 x 40 gr grilled hazelnuts *
4 x 1 tablespoon of sharp flour
4 x 1/2 spoons of quality cocoa
4 x 1 tbsp powder for biscuits
4 x 25 ml of oil
1 l of whole milk
8 pounds of beef
300 gr candy caramel hazelnut
160 gr of density
170 grams of sugar (adjust the amount of sugar to your taste, this is the smoother version)
100 gr butter
200ml Sugar 5+
To soak the biscuit:
A little milk + a spoon of rum
250 ml Whipped cream 5+
100g quality chocolate for cooking
100g of noisette chocolate
Caramel Cream:

Heat 1.5 dl of milk and sprinkle over the caramel hazelnut candies we put in the sherry and warm it in a light fire to dissolve the caramel. From the remaining amount of milk, separate 1dl of milk and add the remaining to the dissolved caramel and heat (increase the temperature). In a special bowl put a yolk, thickness, sugar and mix with 1dl of cold milk, finely without any clods.

When the milk with caramel was warmed to add the previous mixture and boil the cream (the cream will be very firm so it is necessary to say a little more energetic to say that there is no clod). Remove from the stove and cover the surface of the cream with a transparent foil and leave it cool.


While the cream is cool, we make the bark: add a salt of salt to the whiteness and mix, gradually add sugar and moisten the snow, turn off the mixer. Sprinkle flour, cocoa and baking powder, and add slowly the whiteness of the egg whites, mix it manually, and add the baked minced hazel to the end (I’m part of the finely milled and partly grunge) and all to gently combine. Finally, add the oil with manual mixing in a light jet. Pour the mixture into a round cake mold d = 22-26 cm, to which the bottom was lightly greased with butter and put baking paper (I put baking paper on the rim of the mold). Fried biscuits at 180 st. about 20 minutes or depending on the oven a little longer or shorter.

Roast bark remove and leave to cool.

Continuation of the cream:

Add butter in a lukewarm (not completely cool!) Cream and mix well. Mix the sweet cream in the cream (I used herbal whit5 +, make sure you do not overdo it with mixing so that you do not get butter!) And add in the cream and mix everything nicely with the mixing.


When the biscuits are baked in the mold d = 26 cm (the height of a ready-made cake is about 6 cm), the bark is not cut or baked separately 4 cranks – see the addition 19/09/2014, and when I bake in the mold d = 22 cm (the height of the cake is about 8 cm ) then each biscuit is cut in height to 2 parts. Biscuits are not high, but as I love thinner covers, I cut them without problem, but if you are not skilled in cutting, you do not have to cut them down either. Put the first part in the ring of the mold, which we cover the baking paper, the biscuit sprinkle with a little milk and rum (if your bone is made soft enough and juicy you can omit this step, it is only important that you do not overdo the overflow, only a couple of spoons are enough) then coat the caramel hazelnut cream, repeat the procedure, finish with cream.



Chop the chocolate and spill it with the top; Put on a medium heat and mix until the chocolate melts. Pour over the final filler layer and leave it cool for the best overnight.


– If you want to shorten the baking process, and you are skilled with cutting them, you can bake two bark and cut it in half so you get a total of 4.

– The caramel hazelnut candies I used were soft Pionirs. With them the cream is especially beautiful! The perfect replacement is dulce de leche and a little hazelnut paste if you have them ­čÖé

-If you use milk cream for whipped cream, then add one cream-fix.

* Note: I work with homemade hazelnuts that have a much stronger flavor than most “buying” in the markets, so if you work with a “buying” amount you can increase to 200 g.

-If you want a more intense caramel flavor, replace the final ganache layer with a soft caramel dressing.



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